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Survivorman - Barn Sessions III - CD/DVD

Detailed Information

In the same vein of the first collection, this newest Barn Sessions CD/DVD compilation follows talented players working together to create an album and documentary entirely live 'off the floor'. Friends of Les, music lovers and filmmakers collaborated again at his off-the-grid property deep in the Ontario woods in the fall of 2012. Based on his ongoing belief that the best music happens during a live session, Les got together with musicians Jeff Bird, Doug Adams, Donny Reed, Reese Wynans and Andrina Turenne to name a few, and created some musical magic. See and hear it on this newest creation - Barn Sessions III. Included with the album - a bonus video documentary: how it was done and why.

Track Listing:
1. The Cost (L Stroud)
2. Far Away Gone (L Stroud)
3. One Giant Farm (L Stroud)
4. Going Down Slow/Wild Things (L Stroud)
5. Wasted (L Stroud)
6. Go Now (L Stroud)
7. One Tear (L Stroud)
8. This Time (L Stroud/B Potvin)
9. Fear (L Stroud)

Coming Home (L Stroud)
After Neil Young
(recorded 1999) (L Stroud)


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